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Circular printing

01 / Re-printing

Reep offers the print industry’s first re-printing capability.  The REEP system uses innovative laser technology to completely remove all the ink from the page.


Implemented initially for copier paper, the system allows users to print and re-print on the same sheet of paper, up to 10 times.

02 / Innovative

Reep’s solution is based on laser de-printing, combined with advanced materials that allow paper re-use.


It is the first de-printing technology to receive a 100% score on Ingede’s industry-standard deinking test.

03 / Service

The Reep capability is offered as a service - RCP, the Reep Circular Print service. Under an all-inclusive click charge, the customer is provided with the Reep de-print devices and reusable paper, together with full support.


The Reep services eliminates the need to procure, store, collect, shred and recycle single-use printer paper.


Technology innovation

Reep offers the world’s first practical, industrial-strength system for circular printing.  Reep’s solution sets a new standard in sustainability for office printing, while also meeting the economic and operational requirements for leading enterprises and organizations:


Works with regular legacy office printers and inks


Provides full data security by completing removing ink


Does not compromise paper and printing standards


Compact device for onsite deployment in the office


Economically feasible, reducing organization’s total printing and paper costs from day one



For the first time since the invention of printing, Reep empowers a circular economy model. The Reep system transforms the carbon footprint of office printing, reducing carbon emissions and resource consumption by over 90%. Trees left standing amplify carbon sequestration, making print operations climate positive



Reep is inspired by the vision of a more circular world.

Focused on printing, we are dedicated to bringing the circular economy to print operations.Today, under the single-print paradigm, each page of copier paper is used for just one print.


Given that virtually all copier paper is sourced from fresh tree fiber,  the single-print model has a significant negative impact on our planet’s ability to sequester carbon. With the aim of reversing this trend, Reep has developed a circular re-print solution for print operations.


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